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Foot orthoses, also called orthotics, an important component of footwear that can accommodate, support, or relieve foot conditions, such as Plantar Fasciitis, as well as improve the foot's function. In addition to designing and fabricating an appropriate orthotic, a certified pedorthist can provide you with personalized attention in selecting, fitting, and modifying shoes so that both the insole and shoe can work together effectively. An orthotic prescription, like any other prescription, takes into account your medical history, activities of daily living, and treatment goals.

Everything that surrounds or touches your foot—whether it's foot orthoses, shoes, boots, slippers, sandals, socks, hosiery, night splints, bandages, braces, partial-foot prosthetics, or other devices— affects your ability to walk. That makes advice on the correct footwear a crucial part of your recommended treatment plan.

The purpose of inserting an orthotic is to align the foot and ankle to assume the most anatomically efficient position for functional use. Unlike over the counter orthotics, a pair of custom orthotics is created to meet specific needs and unique characteristics of one’s anatomical needs. To design a fitted custom foot orthotics, our dedicated staff will take you through several processes that measure and observes your gait and use the shape of your foot to create the insoles.